What Is A Customized Maritime Solution? (A Short Story)

What Is A Customized Maritime Solution? (A Short Story)

The Problem – International Sub-sea services firm needs urgent logistical support services to fulfill their contract requirements.

It was a Thursday afternoon and we were contacted by a globally recognized sub-sea services firm who were on the island preparing for a major dive survey project.

The equipment needed for the job would arrive by ship on Saturday morning and then be mobilized for the job by early AM hours on Monday. These shipments contained high value items that must be placed under bond, inspected and cleared for use all during non-business working hours for project readiness.

The Solution – Leveraging Business Relations

We had a challenge on our hands. The equipment had to first be approved for entry by the authorities under the appropriate bond. Setting up a bond could be a pretty lengthy process involving Bahamas Customs, banks or insurance companies and the public treasury office.

We had to take into account that some bonds may require pricey deposits. These deposits are calculated based on the overall value of the shipment and be paid directly to the authorities. Quick actions had to be taken to fast track this process.

We held urgent meetings with Bahamas Customs department heads to gain the needed approvals for the importation of the equipment. After the approvals were granted we completed the necessary documentation for pre-clearance of the equipment. In advance of the shipments arrival, both the shipping line and the harbor company were contacted to make arrangements for the after business hours services related to the release of the shipment.

The Results – Smooth Operations

As soon as the shipments were offloaded we were onsite to ensure prompt inspection and to provide guidance to all of the concerned parties. Upon clearance, the equipment was released and immediately transported via truck and deployed to a waiting support craft.  With everything in hand by mid-afternoon the sub-sea services provider could rest easy knowing that the job could begin on time and that they had avoided a potentially costly delay to their project.

In A Nutshell

We understand that sometimes you need a customized maritime solution. Creating successful solutions comes about by listening, understanding and structuring custom services to fit your specific requirements.

We would be pleased to hear from you with any inquiries you may have about your project or port call. You can contact us at ops@kairosmaritime.com or visit our Bahamas maritime forum  to ask questions and get answers.

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