“Your efforts with securing government clearances for our cargo operations is simply phenomenal.”

K. Knowles, STS Operator

Any operation involving the transfer of bulk liquid cargoes undertaken by sea going vessels will require attention to the finest details. Efficient delivery of STS support services can save you time, money and help to mitigate loss.

What Can You Expect from Us?

Before the start of any STS operation we coordinate services in accordance with the joint plan of operation. This ensures that all parties involved, including the STS service provider,are all in alignment.

 STS requirements from the local authorities are relayed to the vessels and timely notification is given.

 Communications with the vessels and other services providers are established at an early stage to co-ordinate the rendezvous and clearance procedures.

Progress reports are given to keep all concerned parties  updated regarding ETA’s, weather forecasts and prospects  for commencing the STS operations. 

 The vessels are met promptly on arrival to ensure no delays to the mooring sequence. Once the cargo operation gets started, regular updates are sent to all concerned parties.

Upon completion of the cargo operation, actions relevant to departure are coordinated with all service providers.

Cargo documentation is issued in accordance with documentary instructions and departure clearance given. All concerned parties are duly updated upon sailing.