“Thank you very much for the regular updates and continuous support with handling our spares.” 

Capt. M. Ziener, Chief Security Officer / Dangerous Goods Advisor 

Quickly getting that spare part and maximizing your vessel’s uptime is our priority. We are pleased to support ship owners and ship management companies in achieving this goal. Helping you reduce costs and ensuring timely delivery of the spares your vessel needs.

How We Can Help You

 We are certified customs brokers and international trade specialists.

 We can arrange all of the logistics until delivery onboard.

 Secure warehousing for short and long term storage.

 Consolidate shipments when they arrive from various suppliers.

Provide regular updates to help you track your goods.

 Offer other support services for repairs at terminal jetties, the anchorage or at harbour berths.

 Arrange sea and airfreight for your outbound shipments wherever you are located globally.

We flexibly adapt to your schedule and quickly respond to your requests.

 We responsibly choose transport modes to match customers’ timing and cost concerns.