Dry docking is a fundamental part of your vessel’s life cycle. We recognize that when conducting the necessary maintenance, repairs, upgrades or surveys any out-of-service period for your vessel represents a loss of earnings. It is important that you complete your project with minimum downtime.

What To Expect


We will work along with the shipyard to secure your best interest. It is our priority to resourcefully coordinate the services needed at the best rates available.


We keep you updated with relevant information pertinent to your port stay. You will receive clear guidance regarding operational processes from beginning to the end. We help you achieve better cost and time control.

Team Players

We work along with your technical superintendents, surveyors, technicians and logistics departments to ensure that there is no delay to your project.


After two decades of servicing countless vessels, we’ve developed excellent relations with the authorities and vendors. Combined with our high quality customer service you can rest assured of your needs being met.

What we will do for you

 Arrange the vessel’s pre-arrival into port and its readiness to enter the shipyard.

 Organize the cleaning and gas freeing of tanks where necessary.

 Plan and schedule husbandry services.

 Provide logistical support and customs brokerage for all spares required for your project.

 Secure storage for and oversee your spares inventory.

 Controlling costs at all times.