“Thank you very much for your kind assistance and care with handling our crew’s medical repatriation.”

Natalia Petrova, Crewing Manager 

How We Can Help

Visa’s, Work permits and Immigration Formalities

Immigration clearances, work permits and visas are arranged on your behalf for your crew and other personnel. The required documents are prepared well in advance of their arrival or departure.

Crew Transport

We meet and greet your crew on arrival/departure and provide full assistance until they are safely onboard the vessel or airline.

Accommodations and Flights

On your behalf we can arrange accommodations and inter-island flights for your crew.

Parcel Delivery

We take care of custom’s formalities, pick-up and delivery for parcels consigned to or coming from the vessel.

Cash to Master

Arrangements for cash to master in USD currency are handled securely and reliably until it is safely delivered onboard the vessel.

Medical / Hospitalization care & repatriations

Attending to the needs of injured or sick crew members is not only a business matter, it is humanitarian. We know how difficult a seafarer’s life can be.
When sickness or injury happens onboard, it is important to have reliable persons available to take care of your crew when the vessel arrives into port.
We take into consideration these specific conditions and pay full attention to the needs of the crew member ensuring that they receive the best possible care without any delay.