“Your smooth handling of our vessel’s bunker call on such short notice was really appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation & good service.”

Christos Rakopoulos , Operations Department

Making your call smoother and simpler is our job and #1 priority.
When you choose Grand Bahama Island for your call, your bunkers are supplied by Shell Marine Products. Any grade marine fuel oil can be delivered to you on demand. Ranging  from 180cst to 500cst, also LSFO and MGO. You have a choice from 3 different modes for bunkering.

3 Modes of Bunkering


OffShore Anchorage

Your vessel can receive bunkers via barge, while drifting or at the anchorage area. This method is the most common an ideal if you want to keep costs down. 

Bunkering at the anchorage takes place close to shore, just outside of the harbour entrance. The barge will meet your vessel with the exact specification and quantity of fuel required.

Benefits of Bunkering Offshore/Anchorage;

• Avoid paying excessive port charges
• Avoid paying towage charges

This option involves taking on bunkers at a berth located in the Freeport harbor.

Benefits of bunkering at Freeport harbor berth;

• The berth provides protection for your vessel during periods of inclement weather when offshore operations may be limited or prohibited.
• Easy crew and personnel movement on and off the vessel.
• Other services such as inspections and vessel spares deliveries can be performed more cost effectively.


Harbor Berth


BORCO Berths

This method is common for tankers conducting cargo operations at Borco’s offshore jetties.

Benefits of Bunkering at Borco Berths;

• Save time by loading or unloading your cargo concurrent with fueling operations
• Fast, efficient bunkering to minimize waiting time.

What To Expect from Us

 As your local ship agency we will;

 Contact the bunker supplier to confirm that the stem was received in good order.

 Remain in contact with the vessel with regard to its ETA to inform all parties concerned.

 Keep the vessel advised of the bunker delivery schedule prior to and once the vessel arrives at the port.

 Once the bunkering is completed, ensure the timely collection, dispatch and tracking of the bunker samples to the designated testing labs.